Monday, 18 July 2016

The selling stories #Day3 #halfmarathon

What do you notice when you get to a new place??
Yes what do you think??  I think nothing much but do look around see the interior, the things around and kind of sniff too...hahaha..

When we get to a place we are quite apprehensive and that apprehension makes us put on a face that maybe cold, maybe indifferent but it is not rigid. Like when I get to a place I am very high on attitude/arrogance and I go for vibes to shift gears. If I meet good people, I like the place and become more me and if I get attitude so the same is returned in leaps and bounds.

The point I am trying to make is, it is the experience that one tries to gauge and it is the experience that stays when all else fades away. This is very important in sales. The customers these days are intelligent and we'll informed. They check, double check everything before investing. Whatever features we tell don't seep through but the experience does. The experience is what lingers and brings the customer back.

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