Friday, 15 July 2016

The selling stories #Day1 #halfmarathon

Har cheez ko samay lagta hai....

An old proverb or maybe not even a proverb but widely used in our daily lives by our seniors. Almost everyone's parents, grandparents have always bestowed them with this wisdom when one losses patience during trying times.
The impatient being that I am, hyperactive too, rebel to an extent, it took a lot of time for me to absorb this, especially in relation with sales.

Yes, I work in marketing and it's all about selling. Selling the product, the services, the idea, the concept everything, it just never stops at anything. When I started working, actually even before that, it was while I was doing my MBA that I hated selling. I didn't want to sell anything. I used to think that suggesting someone to buy something is wrong. One is trying to manipulate and extract money from other.

Gosh! It does sounds so wrong if one puts it that way. But selling is not wrong and I learned it with time. It was when I had left a job as I didn't want to sell that I took another selling job thinking it's just an in-between and I'll move on soon. It was during those trying and at times rewarding times that I found my career. I did want to give up but the urge to continue was so high that I never gave up and found my love.

Same goes with selling. firstly if you are doing the right thing then there's nothing wrong in selling. If one is creating something of use to other then one needs to showcase it to other so that they can buy. It's not easy to sell anything to anyone, it takes time and effort. If one's belief is strong, intentions honest then sales will come. The conversions always takes time but it happens. One needs to stay long enough with the customer to understand him and make him understand to build a lasting relationship - Brand Loyalty. I think all else fails if one is in a rush. No quality, quantity, facilities can compensate if one is not giving time.

Does the same holds true why lovers want to spend entire day and night either staying with each other or talking on phone????

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  1. You are quite right.It's the value of the product or service that's important. Selling isn't bad at all.It's selling poor quality which is bad.