Friday, 29 April 2016

Yen for life #atozchallenge

"You are so positive and your yen for life is remarkable." -said he, and I thought you don't exactly know the meaning of yen for life dude.

I am a positive person and I love life but it was not how I have been always, it it all because of her. She is one of my cousin's cousin, married young and hence a young mother. As any educated woman she was working as well as taking care of household. Not at all juggling with work-life balance though, she was perfect to balance both with her ever smiling face. She loved to cook and going to her place meant you are going to have a gala time. There would be more food than anyone can eat and there won't be much talks but laughs and laughter all around.

Once she and her husband were returning from a wedding on the outskirts of the city, while she was driving herself, they met with an accident. A collision with a truck coming from the other side banging the entire car from front and dragging it along off the road.
As she was on driver's seat her chest was crushed by the steering wheel. As God watches over his good people, they were able to save her life. Her chest was totally crushed, left leg had 17 fractures and some injuries on face and head. The doctors said she will be able to stand up MAYBE after 6 months.

Whenever I met her in hospital, in the initial days she used to be in utter pain. At times feeling too hot as if her body was burning at times it was freezing cold and why not she underwent 3 major surgeries in a span of 15 days.

She was in the hospital for around 2 months and now sent home when I saw her again and this was so different from my previous visits. Yes she was still on bed, but there were her friends and relatives around her and all chattering normally. There were drinks and pizza doing the rounds as if I entered a party.

As I waved at her and moved to where she was lying I asked her what's the occasion? And she said - "LIFE" and laughed aloud.

It was no occasion but everyone was just merry and so was she. She just said - "What was to happen, happened.  That was hospital and this is my home and nobody stays without a smile here.I am getting better though won't be able to get up fast but I never liked forlorn faces around so why now. I can't cook but I can still order home delivery"

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  1. Completely agree Life is the biggest reason to smile n make merry.