Saturday, 23 April 2016

Tolerance #atozchallenge

India is tolerant.
India is not tolerant.
Indians are tolerant.
Indians are not tolerant.
So much debate in the newspaper I can’t tolerate reading the paper with my morning tea now.
It looks like a nice break to my monotonous, too scheduled with TO-DO lists, time-tabled life. I had practically abandoned standing on the balcony. In winters it was the cold breeze, in summers the heat and I got too lazy to stand on the balcony. Today while I enjoy my tea I can peep-out and see what’s happening around in the colony.

What a sight!! Quite a many people out there, coming from morning walks, going for late morning walk, kids waiting for their school buses, some people running to catch their metro/buses and I get a few waves too. Oh how lovely! Why did I skipped it at the first place.
                     And then there was Sakshi and her husband coming back after seeing off their daughter to school. She excitedly waved to me and so did her husband. They were such a cheerful couple, always with each other and helping everyone around. Nobody could ever guess what their life had been through.
                   Sakshi’s husband though loving and caring towards his family had betrayed her not once twice. Both the times with girls from his office. Sakshi is a modern day women but in both cases was clueless for long. And was devastated when she came to know about it. The ever smiling Sakshi had lost her smile but she never left him, just forgive him. Why she forgive him, maybe because of their daughter or maybe because of something else. Nobody could ever ask . The jovial Sakshi was actually the epitome of tolerance and just knew she could take it on.


  1. Sad but we all know stories like these from not very far. It could be your friend or family. She is indeed tolerant!
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    1. That's right sadly such stories are indeed in plenty

  2. that's true of many

  3. Modren world has become more of expectations n less of giving. @sad for sakshi

  4. Tolerance is an interesting word. Even inside one person it can vary.

    JEN Garrett