Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Queen #atozchallenge

"He should treat me like a Queen. You know he should be ready to take me for drives, movies, ask me for shopping even when I don't need too. I want to marry a guy like that" she said. I don't know when I lost track of what she was saying, listening to her reminded me of my aunt and uncle.

I must be 6 or 7 that I remember, my father's older cousin and his wife - my bade datta and bade mamma used to come for a few days and stay with us. And whenever they used to be around I used to be showered with tons and tons of pampering. It was not like they didn't had kids, my cousin was just 2 years younger to me but I got love in abundance from them. At times everyone in our family used to say they love me more than their own kids. :)

The moment we met I'll get chocolates and asked to set an itinerary of where all I wanted to go while they are here. Then there would be shopping, shopping for notebooks, clothes, shoes, socks, handkerchiefs, pencils and you name it and I had it. Lots of eating junk and ice cream, full day masti from here to there. Just them and times I used to feel embarrassed that how much they spoil me or maybe I am taking advantage of them and even when I wanted to eat ice-cream, would deny saying... Gala kharab hai !!!! And used to get caught often but they never scolded me or stopped doing any of these.

Now all grown up,  bade datta is still very fond of me and too generous to cook chicken for me whenever I visit him. He doesn't look or feel his age at all..a smart, young, dashing man at 72. He is epitome of staying fit and happy never take life too seriously.

My bade mamma was a lady ahead of time. She was tall, smart, boisterous, a rebel. A woman of her own might and who lived by her own rules, way ahead of her times. She loved life and loved to live high. But the boisterous lifestyle took a toll on her body and after struggling through daily dialysis for almost 3 years she let go of the life she loved to live.

They both made me feel like a Queen and remembering those days make me love them even more. When I think of people I admire I know there is a part of my bade datta that I see in those men. 
When I think of what I want to be I see a part of my bold bade mamma in me.
They say nothing lasts for ever but memories do....


  1. Congrats on reaching this far in the challenge.

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  2. Aww they are sweethearts.

    @dixita011 from
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  3. Aww they are sweethearts.

    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words