Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Crazy Zebra Crossing Love #atozchallenge

It sucks when despite speeding up one need to halt at zebra crossing as the traffic signal turns red. Now add another 100 seconds being late to work. Looking at people crossing the zebra crossing did calm me down as they reminded me of him <3

Those were my initial college days when I started driving. At 17 there are so many new things happening and one wants many MANY more new things.

A new driver and a scary driver I used to drive very slowly and used to stop on yellow lights too J It was that day when I first saw him on zebra crossing. Since I was the only one who stopped at the signal with yellow-light while rest of the vehicles sped past me, he looked at me while passing by and gave a thumbs-up.

That one thumbs up made me smile wide and deliberately wait on traffic signal J J even more. He used to park his car in the opposite building of the same office and use the zebra crossing only to cross over. He was so simple and ordinary with nothing striking yet I loved to watch him. It was now my daily routine to set the watch according to him. At times was lucky enough to stand right ahead and he would smile on as he passed by...HAYE!!


  1. Good take on the letter. Well written. Congratulations on finishing the challenge sucessfully. 😃

  2. Thanks for sharing & completing the challange

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