Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Vintage Love #atozchallenge

"Love marriage or arranged it is the same thing in a few years, you'll know when you will be married. You can see Vinita and Me. Her's is arranged and mine love but there's no difference anymore. We both have the same daily life and chores and about love, it only stays forever in movies in reality maybe you get used to it." - said Prachi as we sipped tea sitting on stairs of her balcony looking at the park.

What started this discussion was Prachi's ever growing concern on when I will get married. As always I told her I want to fall in love first. And as always she said it hardly matters eventually its all the same.

I don't know my heart doesn't wants to accept that. Maybe as am a complete romantic movie buff and they have totally ruined my logical thought process. Or maybe because I still remember that elderly couple I had once seen.

They must be well into their 80s but even then he intently listened to her chatter nonsensically.
He still walked behind her with his head not high but low trying to be on the same level as she. Walking slowly not hand in hand but holding each other's gaze, giving her plate by his own hands.....HAYE! <3


  1. Yes truly, old is gold! Don't know the secret to that kind of love, but they are the enduring kind!
    @KalaRavi16 from

    1. Absolutely and they look so cute together

  2. Love matures into a strange strong bond in the twilight years. Blessed are those who live to enjoy it!
    @yenforblue from
    Spice of Life!

    1. Blessed are those who have it no matter for how long

  3. This is so beautiful. Reinforcing on old is gold! 😃

  4. Great post! yeah old is GOLD.