Tuesday, 19 April 2016

PAPA #atozchallenge

Papa-daughter always share a special bond and so it is with me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t fight with him or argue on. We have our regular battles but never a war. We know we love each other and care even more.

As I sit besides the window clipping my nails I can clearly remember that day. I loved to play in sand and mud, it was most fun to immerse your hands in wet mud and make some figurines, and maybe I got the feel of grown-up as used to love the smell of dough and the way mom used to make rolls for chapattis. Besides what more fun for a 4 year old than to throw stuff.

I never knew that I got bacterial infection because of this in my hand and feet nails.As my parents tell me all my nails were bulging and blackened. My papa took me from doctor to doctor to cure me. Those way too sunny days Papa and I used to go on from one corner to another on his scooter. . I still remember myself banging my mouth or head on the scooter handle as I used to be sleepy.
           Every day it was the same story. Finally we found a doctor and he didn’t gave me anesthesia or notice, as if I could understand what they were talking, and in a flush swiped clean one of my nail with a blade. 


I wailed, yelled, cried, there is so much pain and I just couldn’t feel anything anymore....God why why???? I know my papa can never see me in pain that day he was sitting holding me silently trying to calm me down. That day my papa asked for water for me but we got none at the doctors. While getting downstairs papa asked for water from almost every window in the building but nobody gave him despite the wailing child. After a while I told him that I don’t need water, please don’t ask anyone now.

Those were the days when water was not sold and we couldn’t get any water pump either on way home. Today I have clean, white infection-free nails except for one nail with a scar. Papa I owe you not just for this but many many more such little and big things. I may never confess but I am blessed to have parents like you guys.


  1. I once broke my finger, and the memory of the nurse X-raying is a scary one. Little kids just don't realize yet it' for their own good.

    The Really Real Housewives

  2. Memories of dad always overwhelm us Buddy!you took me back in the memory lane...

  3. Love u DAD ur special.