Sunday, 18 September 2016

Those were the days....Part 4

Another dawn and this sunshine don’t mean a brighter day for me. I was called for an interview 4 days back and today have to leave without one. I guess destiny has something else planed. I shouldn’t have unpacked at first; packing back is really not exciting. I have to keep some cash handy, need to give some to the caretaker and cook of the circuit house. Oh good! the caretaker is already in my room, he must have been anticipating me to have left sooner. With one hand I was taking out cash to hand him and what I see is he is ready to give me something. It’s a letter!! I finally get an invite to see the bureaucrat.

I never expected this and was been packing recklessly. It’s difficult to find an ironed shirt now. I rushed towards the caretaker again and asked him to iron one of my best shirts as I had the interview in an hour. Too happy with the recently acquired wad of cash he readily took my shirt and rushed downstairs. It didn’t took me long to get dressed and out of the circuit house, I knew I had to meet him at his bungalow.

As I reached the bungalow, the watchman called and asked the residents whether I was called and thankfully the answer was affirmative. The compound had a pebbled path towards the house and a lawn on my left and huge Deodar trees lined my right. The lawn was in impeccable condition, well cut grass, and beautiful plants bearing flowers – roses of several kinds and a few tulips and lilies. The water that I heard that night was coming from a small fountain, flowing to a swimming pool with a good pool side bar setting and a tennis court.

The bungalow is even more majestic from inside. After crossing the veranda there is this huge Hall with plane walls but intricately painted ceiling. The ceiling was bearing a story with an equally detailed chandelier in the middle. There were three sets of sofas in the hall and there on one of the sofas sat Mr. Rao. This bureaucrat doesn’t seem less than a king neither in money nor in his looks. Tall, princely face, a well built body, must be an athlete for most of his life. As we got talking I found him very polite and amicable. He is a charming person and one can easily get fond of him. We chatted about Shimla, Lucknow, Law, politics, my family and I didn’t know when and how amidst all I was selected.

He asked his assistant to show me my desk and the general know-how that I need to have to get started from tomorrow. So on the day I was leaving Shimla I got my JOB.

There was a smile on my face and no matter how much I thought to conceal the same I couldn’t. After a while as I was moving out of the bungalow towards circuit house to get prepared for tomorrow I saw that girl from the jungle playing tennis. She just waved a casual HI to me and that was the first day I realised the existence of GOD among mortals.


“Madam, madam, get up madam, it’s time for your medicines.” – said the nurse bringing me back from the adventure of my life.

P.S. This is part 4 of a 4 part story.

People who have read all the four parts , please your feedback is utmost important.

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  1. Again you have finished this in an awesome way.. read all 4..
    I specially like the way you described the landscape and the architecture of the house, it lets my imagination to to imagine all the things.
    Enjoyed reading.

  2. I read all 4 parts..You are good with fiction and if a reader is hooked till the end- it shows its a good story :)

  3. Fiction is tough.You have a great grip on audience psychologym. Awesome story

  4. Oh I am waiting to read more. Your ddescription of the bungalow is so real like. I could imagine the whole scene. Loved your narration.

    1. Thank you so much. Will definitely work on it more