Thursday, 1 September 2016

Those were the days... Part 1

“The girl was so shy I think it was the first time that they met.”

“The first time they met or she was shy with the excitement of meeting the boy without telling her parents. This is the biggest adventure for teenagers these days “.

“Adventure” ah! Laying on my bed I could hear all the conversations that my two nurses used to have. I am refrained to bed since more than a year now. Though I am in comfort of my own home with two nurses back and forth, 24 hours a day, yet it's not comfortable.

My world has been restricted to this huge bedroom of my dreams, the French windows lining two walls giving me the clear vision of the moon, the glass door leading to the terrace where I envisioned my silent alone nights and the room spacious enough to dance…. I never realised when I was saying -
 “ I can live here and nowhere for the rest of my life “ that one day it will be true.
I had been paralytic on right side of my body since the age of 26 but was never restricted to bed. But the heart attack last year two days after my 79th birthday took its toll. I am an Indian but I consider myself a global citizen as I have spent most of my life travelling and living abroad and maybe just the past 20   years in India. Still I am unable to comprehend human thought process. I always find my nurses talking about some or the other person from the hospital, I guess it's the window to their moon.
I make an effort to ask them what's so intriguing for them. What's the adventure?? They say today at the hospital there were two teenagers who probably met at party and the boy saved the girl from some goons……

Adventure, it still reminds me of that day. I have always been the rebellious sorts but deep inside a scared little girl. I was 14 when I learned riding and horses are my most favorite animals. It was when I was 16 years old that my father was posted in Shimla. Shimla for me was riding heaven. The hills, the wind, the clear skies … perfect for rides. My three younger sisters never liked riding as much as I did. Maybe that was my best time with myself.

Father had already instructed to stick to city outline for riding but what enticed me were the jungles. Those tall trees were inviting and I knew it'll be peaceful like no other. That day I just took my horse to the jungle and it was more beautiful than I ever thought.

These trees are magnanimous I thought there were only Deodar but Pine is also there and ah! the traces of Gulmohar.. My Love!! Let me get down and closer to that tree, horsey you also wander a bit. Wow!! So beautiful this is my favourite place till date, I am going to make this my secret hangout. Oh is there a lake too, yes I hear a stream.

The lake is glistening with the moon out, this is straight out of those novels. I think, I can take a dip too..yay!! Oh my God, is there someone there around the tree. Oh my there is someone, was he following me all this long. I should have listened to father.

P.S. This is part 1 of a 4 part story.

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  1. Wow!You are doing series. Great start! Looking forward to reading upcoming parts 😊

  2. Already looking forward to next story :)

  3. Thanks, I hope will be able to keep it up.

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  5. I like reading series posts - good choice actually.

  6. Happy to connect #zarahatkeblogreads

  7. Loved the narration... and the description of the forest... off to next part.

  8. Hey .. am finally catching up on your blog ! just finished reading part 1 and am so tempted to jump to 2 & 3 right away .. I think its a great idea to attempt a multi part story -- :)

    Off i go to part2

    Chandni |

  9. A lovely story building up Kadambari :)

  10. Wow! Going good, rushing to read part 2.

  11. Fiction is difficult .Specially to build up suspense .Great job.Will be looking forward to the next part

  12. I love stories, even more so when they have a Ruskin Bond feel to them like yours does :) Great start! Looking forward to catching up on the rest.

  13. I am stunned at the level of fiction I have been introduced via this campaign- I am happy to be connected to so many bloggers who are so good at writing fiction. Loved this post and will be reading the entire series!