Friday, 30 September 2016

10 Quotes I am drooling over...

I don't know if it's abundance of self - help quotes around or the advent of social media or what one wants. These days my phone, my laptop is full of collection of Quotes. I have several pictures worth drooling for saved on almost all the devices and I can't stop collecting them.

There are so many nice quotes. The best thing is they touch a chord. It's like someone writing out what your are thinking. Though the list is endless but here I want to share 10 quotes I am currently drooling over, do share yours

Your sexiest body part is your mind.

Dress like you own a private jet, because one day you just might.

Divas don't do drama, we do business.

The smarter you get the lesser you speak.

Work until your idols become your rivals

My goal isn't to wear brands, it is to become one.

तुम मुझे भूल भी जाओ तो ये हक़ है तुमको मेरी बात और है मैंने तो मोहब्बत की है

जब बेवज़ह कोई इल्ज़ाम लग जाए तो क्या कीजिये...हुज़ूर फिर यूँ कीजिये कि वो गुनाह कर लीजिये।

या तो हमें मुक़म्मल चालाकियाँ सिखा़ईं जाएँ, या मासूमों की अलग बस्तियाँ बसाईं जाएँ..

थोड़ा *सुकून* भी ढुँढिए जनाब...!ये *जरूरते* तो कभी *खत्म* न होगी...!!

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