Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The leap..... #MyFriendAlexa

Meetings, meetings and meetings, what a jam packed day with back to back meetings. I didn't even get a chance to take a sip and my throat is aching now. I am a no makeup girl and though I work in corporate set up tieing my hair and putting up a light lipstick is all power dressing for me. Most days when I wash my hair, I don't even comb. But this next meeting made me check myself in the mirror and I had to rush to the ladies room. I don't know what I should do before such meeting,  I think my dress and hair are in place, should use a face wipe, some deodarant and a hint of lip balm would do. All set, let's go!!

As I opened the door to leave I could hear some sulking. Yes I did hear it right, someone was crying in the washroom. 
"Hello,  Hi, darling come out. What happened??"

I was trying to remember all the girls in my office, more so trying to remember whom did I not see while on my way here. Oh! If I am correct it's Sheena, the strong, go-to girl from the cards department. At the same time she did open the door for me. She was crying hard by now, my asking did that damn! I am getting so insensitive.

"Hi Sheena, are you ok?? What happened? Can I help you with something?"

She was getting sober slowly. She had always been a performer and had been leading a team since past 2 years now. Today when her boss lashed out on phone she just couldn't take it and broke down. I tried to console her but to no avail. Finally she yelled at me irritated and said "He fired me."

OMG!! That was the last thing I expected. Sheena was fired not because of her under-performance but because the company was going through a bad phase and was retrenching to cut costs. Sheena, for them was getting unaffordable. She was among the high-payers and with her equally strong performing team the management thought to lay her off.

She was been given a month's notice to find a new job. I tried to tell her to be positive and look at the brighter side. She need not tell anyone she is being laid off and get to find a job, maybe better than this one. She can even negotiate based on current stats and it would work out the best. I knew it seemed all gyaan from me as I was not in her shoes.

"I know Sheena, you think I don't understand but you know sometimes, when we resist to move out of our comfort zone we need an external push to reach where it's meant for us. Tell me, what do you think of my job?"

"Your job is great. You are doing good infact I always believed you have that spark and the various feats you achieve, the accolades you get are far lesser than you deserve."

"Thanks dear and I believe that too...lol..jokes apart.. You know this has always been true for me, even with my old job. You know I was working with a local firm and was happy there and my parents used to say that I am not utilising all of my capabilities. I used to just laugh it off. I knew I was doing a lot for my company and they didn't acknowledge but it barely mattered to me. 
        Then one day I got into an argument with my boss as he informed about something very trivial and it was not one of my first arguments with him. But somehow, somewhere it hit a chord and in that moment I applied to a few places for job. The very next day I got a call for interview here. I was the first one to interview that day and found it good but was unsure as there were 20 or so other people too. But look I got selected and got a 100% hike"
    "On a casual chat with my previous boss after my resignation he asked me when did I apply here as he always knew, everyone including me knew, I was happy there and when I told him about that day, I still remember the silence between us to date."

And the look in Sheena's eyes told me she knew what she was going to do next.

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