Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Teacher's Day #MyFriendAlexa

It's teacher's day again and I don't like to say I have seen many but truth is I have. Every year I don't expect anything yet yearn for at least something.

This year too I was thinking the same, when as usual there were few students who came with cake, some with cookies,  some had actually been preparing skit and so we had a good competition to cheer on. Overall again this day was good fun for me. But amidst all this I never expected I'll be surprised.
It was not a heart felt letter or a huge bouquet but a handmade card that made my day.

This student was himself a teacher and now wanted to better himself. When I first met him I never thought he'll join. And he didn't joined instantly but took his time and joined about 2 months later. He is very humble and sincere but I never expected such a gesture at his age. I don't know if it was coming from him that surprised me more or the sheer simplicity of the card. The card is actually made out of a recycled sheet. Many may have avoided the thought itself as who-cares-attitude but he didn't deter.

This card touched my soul. It actually reinstated two beliefs for me -

--Perceptions /first impressions never do justice.

--No matter what anyone thinks you have to do your thing.

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  1. That's a beautiful gesture. Yes sometimes it's the simplicity that awe is than grandeur

  2. Yes it is. It's only feelings no show off