Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Let's do it! #AtoZchallenge #Blogchatter #2016

Well the last post was a prompt by blogchatter about taking my blog to next level and it seems it  paved the way for the new journey. And this is my first unplanned post done in a jiffy but I guess it came out well.

April is on the marks and as always it is going to be a hectic month at the work front. Thanks to so much chatter J that I got motivated to take up the 7th edition of AtoZchallenge too... after all learning is always multi-dimensional. Say YAY!!! Because this is the first year of my challenge...and it will be dual challenge...BRING IT ON!!

AtoZ is of special significance to me as it is the name of flagship product of my company and I owe a lot of learning and growing to my organization. Similarly with this challenge I want to write more and learn the varied things that so many of you guys already know.

My Plan of Action –
  1.              Start writing now
  2.              April will be dedicated to reading and commenting on blogs.
  3.              Keep it short and simple
  4.             Extensive reading and re-editing of drafts for Sundays if need be.
  5.          Theme....ahem.....when I thought of taking up this challenge it was some posts, as many as I can do, some random thoughts as I blog always, but when I signed up and met so many from the community with their past experiences it was then that I knew...its serious business dude. So maybe I'll go with a theme...or maybe not...wait on till 21st March

             I am staking claim to A to Z challenge along with Blogchatter community


  1. Hello there!
    Even though your post is 'unplanned' like you mentioned its brimming with all the excitement and energy .. that am sure will sail you through the challenge.
    That whole personal touch about AtoZ .. I mean I am a great believer of signs .. so its a sign that you would excel at AtoZ with an entire community supporting you!
    look forward to read you more!

    1. Thank you so much. It is indeed a great motivation when you have people cheering you all the time

  2. Yes, Bring it on, Girl. Looking forward to your theme! :)

  3. Hey!!looking forward to your posts

  4. I agree. That's the best way to approach the Challenge - write your posts beforehand and schedule them, then spend April visiting other people's blogs and leaving comments. Otherwise, it's not much fun, just pressure. You've got the right idea! Have a great time (I'm sure you will).

    Ros, visiting from GenWestUK

    1. Yes I thought so too...let's see how much I can implement

  5. Looks like you got a plan, would love to know your theme.

    I'll be posting here:

  6. Brilliant to see you stake claim to AtoZ Challenge! Bright sunshine and love from my side :)

  7. All the best! Enjoy the challenge.