Thursday, 16 July 2015

The online sitcom

The advent of Netflix and the Indian firms adopting to web-based series is a great initiative. But in Indian context does it holds ground??
The content delivered online is good keeping with times but we have to understand that India is a differently diversified country.
According to my understanding India currently has 3 generations/sections to cater
1) Youngsters born on or after the 90s
                These are "people "..mind you....  who grew up to Internet and use English more as a  first language and for them Saas- bahu soaps are hard to relate to as generally it's not found in their homes as nuclear families are also on rise in most tier1 and tier2 cities. This generation is the base customer for Web series.

2) People in the age group of 50 and over
                These are the ones who grew up in the olden days. Many even saw Independence. They are literate but not necessarily in english. They know things have changed but are nostalgic about the old days and generally found saying "hamare time me". No matter what, they love the traditions shown in the soaps. Some or maybe none of what is depicted is actually practised in their own homes but it connects with them. In a way it caters to the long forgotten never shared dreams of the perfect life. They may not understand English and hence another point of difference between them and the net.

3) People in the age group fro late 20s to early 40s
                  Now these are people who are actually stuck in the middle. They grew up watching traditional families parting ways amicably at the same time started learning and adapting to newer times. This one generation is the lucky lost. They get to enjoy the new things but are not accepted as part of either groups and hence at times left undecided to think where to go what to choose and what to do.
These generations are currently fed well with the available content and maybe the online content is satisfied with its current and slightly increasing audience.

As far as growth of web-series or a Netflix like model in India is concerned it will increase but it can reach its peak only if it gives something to everyone. Along with keeping in mind that
-Nobody can ignore education levels are still pretty low in India.
-English is still taken as a second and yet not very important language.
-People coming from different states still yearn for their native tongue programs.

All we'll see as the years unfold. Till then watch what you want....

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