Sunday, 26 July 2015

Day and night

I love rains it uplifts my mood instantly. I hate to drive but don't mind driving in rain because my raincoat saves me good. But ghar walon ko kaun samjhay... Tum geele ho jaoge, purey din kaise baithoge, bimaar ho jaoge, if there's nobody to drop you take an auto.
For the first time I decided to take an auto. Since it was raining the autowala came in the compound and pick me. Mom whispered don't bargain just pay whatever he asks for itni baarish me le ja raha hai.
At a traffic signal I tried to make small talk as despite sitting in auto he was all drenched and when he spoke it appeared he is a learned man not like the usual people. When time came to pay him...
I - Bhaiya kitna hua
He - aap dekhlo aapne bhi pucha nahi maine bhi kuch bola nahi bithane se pehle aap jo hamesha dete ho woh de do
I gave him 100 rupees and asked to take 50 from the same. He said mere pass change nahi hai just have 40 rupees. I rummaged through my wallet and got 30 rupees then tried to collect coins and paid him 50 in full. While I was searching for change he said itne hi rehne dijiye baaki baad mein kabhi. I said ab baad mein kisne dekha.. Still after taking the chillar said arey aap pura purse mat khali karo rehne do. Rakh lo aap agar lage toh and then I said abhi aap rakh lo baaki baad mein kabhi.

Same day in the late evening I went to get some medicines which costed me 208 and just trying my luck I asked him to waive off 8 rupees. To which he denied upfront.
Human behaviour is a great subject to observe and everyone teaches you something new. These were two people with such different approaches.
One owner of a big well established shop yet not ready to let go 8 bucks and other who is travelling through the city drenched in rain and yet ready to let go 20 rupees.
One could have taken a chance of getting the amount some other time yet sticking on the other having no surety of meeting up again yet having the heart to handle the loss.
Humans and the complicated human nature as complicated as to know when day ends and night begins. It is a learning experience.... King size heart.. Both saw my wallet and it's contents, one saw the 50 rupee note to encash for 8 rupees and the other saw it getting emptied despite the 100 rupee note.

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