Friday, 21 February 2014

You and I

I never thought I would love kids so much, don't know if the bitterness of world has shifted my focus to the sheer innocence or it was her.

She is an angel. I met her first when she was just few months old and being a bestfriend's sisters daughter I got to spend good time with her.
She has always been sweet and looking at her grow up to be 4 the sweetness hasn't faded but turned into charm.
I don't know why but I feel a special attachment with her.
Maybe it's the way she shares her life tales with me or the sparkle in her eyes when she gets excited or the cute little hand which juts-out in a hands-up position to ask for a high-five or the confidence she boasts while being herself or just the way she helds my hand while chatting as if we are long lost bestfriends.
Everytime I remember this it brings a smile on my face. Such sheer Innocence, so beautiful and heart touching and the world can never be better. Knowing well there won't be many more times we will meet and she being a kid won't even remember me but I want to cherish this bond forever.
This one is for you Adya Choudhary never met a child like you. Love you sweetheart you make me realise there is so much more to look for.

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