Thursday, 27 February 2014

Shiva....So Cool

I don't remember when I started following Shiva but I surely know the major credit goes to the Melhu series. Loved the rendition of Shiva. Infact it portrayed God in the best form...he is so human.

I visit him every Monday so that he keeps in mind that he needs to get me married soon :-P But I love him not just because you have to but for me he seems to be the perfect modern guy. A man I want to be with -
Well built
Madly in love
And knows how to make a woman feel the love.
The more I imagine him I want him  ;-) and the best part is he is so perfectly not the epitome of perfection. He is indulgent in drugs, gets jealous yet so open-minded to every new thing SUPER COOl!!!

And so my idea of celebrating Maha Shivratri is not fasting but another chance to meet him in his abode and pressurize to get me married this year itself :-):-) and to remind myself that Life is Super Cool already you just need to live like a RockStar Xoxo

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