Thursday, 7 June 2018

Book Review : Midnight Musings By Romila

Title - Midnight Musings

Author - Romila


"Clients love us
And we love our clients
Best friends forever?"

About the author - Romila, a lover of literature who is passionate about books, writing is her forte. She is an impulsive poetess and a coffee addict. Always armed with a pen, she is ever ready to leap into the world of creativity. She was born, brought up and educated in Delhi and at the moment lives in Hyderabad with her parents. She is an award-winning Writer, famous veteran Blogger, Author of 4 EBooks, Editor of lifestyle e-zine and a Columnist who has been in the literary ring since 1996. She has been featured in Paycheck India –IIM (Ahmedabad) Project, Baggout, The Directory of Best Indian Blogs, GeekPost, Buzz Magazine, Speaking Tree (Times of India), Brutally Honest, Blogchatter, WritersMelon, Money Control, Writers Conclave and Mumbai Matters. She likes to travel, talk, express and spread happiness.

Book Blurb - The book is a collection of Haiku, 26 Haiku's which the poetess has written over a span of more than 62 nights between 12 to 2 am.

My View - I love to read and write and with my budding efforts to write I have a strong inclination for poetry. But what drew me to this book was actually the author - Romila, is one of the strong females I have encountered online and admire. So when she posted on Twitter if anyone was interested in reviewing her book I jumped at the chance. Cheery on the cake, the book happened to be a collection of 26 Haiku's. 

For the people unaware of the term, a Haiku is a three line poem with limited number of words.
It is very difficult to write a Haiku and even more difficult to get the perception that the writer wants to be perceived, to get through the audience. Midnight Musings is a light and relatable read.
Yes, Haiku is something that the-ever-busy generation who is pressing against time will love to read in a jiffy. But I'll say these Haiku's are to be read and lived through once because these deal with the little things we go through every day. Hence are an automatic connect.

I'll rate it a 3 out of 5 for being crisp and connecting read.

You can buy the book on kindle here

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