Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Just as it happened #BlogchatterEbook

"I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Humaira Sadaf whose Ebook Travellore India is also a part of the mix.

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Once upon a time there was a little girl. She went to a good school, had affluent friends, got all that she wanted and at the same time was made to see how people struggle for things that she easily gets. But amidst what she lacked was a goal.

When asked by teachers what she wants to be when all grown up, she used to say Doctor because of what her best friend wanted to be. Years passed, the answer kept on changing from doctor to psychiatrist, from actor to director, from singer to dancer but nothing made her heart jump.

She started reading, again, because it was a cool thing to do. Reading turned to writing as people used it to tell the tale of their hearts. And in writing she found the solace she yearned for.


So that is how I started to write, writing in notebooks, journals, diary and finally my blog :)
Blogging was started with an intention to earn money *hehe* but now it is a vent for my heart.

I am a lazy blogger, but even with that I managed to participate in not one but TWO daily blogging challenges and have successfully completed both. And with the help of an awesome blogging community -BLOGCHATTER, I have two ebooks to my kitty now.

This year I ventured out for a fiction and in 26 posts, moving in alphabetical order I tried to pen a story of two hearts. My ebook is titled - Just as it happened

Just as it happened,  is a contemporary story of Meer and Meera and their lives. It is a real yet fictional, predictable yet unpredictable, seen yet unseen,  heard yet never heard of, story of two hearts. It specifically revolves around their love and their transformation.

It is love that transforms you from what you were to a better you that you always wanted to be. Love sets one free.

My second ebook - Just as it happened is available for free download on Blogchatter ebook carnival for two months. Do read, sned me your feedback and share among your friends.

You can download it here :- Just as it Happened


"I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Upasna Sethi whose Ebook A To Z of Minimalism is also a part of the mix.

About Upasna's Ebook: If you're tired of the rat race and wish to quit Consumerist Lifestyle, this Book is for you. If you struggle with your time, your relationships, your Job- Its time to attain the freedom.

What you'll discover in this guide:

* Right approach for you to begin this journey of Minimalism

* How to gain Freedom

* You already have enough time to pursue your passions

* Time you spend organizing and re-arranging things is a waste of time

* New definition of Luxury

* Minimalism is for everyone including Kids

Read it as a practical guide to achieve Freedom


  1. Your journey has good twists and turns.. that's life.. i too love writing as a therapy for the soul and documenting life as it happens ...in my journal.. :)

  2. yes, documenting is a treasure and looking back brings inner peace