Friday, 20 January 2017

The coconut trees

It was my second day on job and my officer in charge asked me to report at the other branch for few hours for a meeting. This was the week before Diwali and the entire office was decorated. Already my job profile enlisted travelling to all the branches but I never thought it would start so soon.

I had been living away from my family since 10 years and in Pune since 7 years. I knew the entire city at the back of my hand. My base branch was always known as the biggest branch in the city and so I was happy to be part of it.

One of my colleagues, Pooja, said she will take me along to branch 2. We went on her scooty and as we approached the branch she told me it was located in an old bungalow now rented to the bank. The landlords still occupy one half of the bungalow. I could very well imagine how it will be just like those old houses where the branch is in front and the residence behind. Mostly the tale of an elderly couple living in India alone and their kids abroad. The elderly gets a regular income with security.  As I set my eyes to where we were heading I was taken aback.

She was crossing the lane towards a bungalow located on the corner and my my this is huge. We approach the main gate through which the path leads to the bungalow. There are two lush green lawns on both sides. One of the lawn has a fountain at the corner and few sculptures are placed artistically at the center. The other lawn has a special gate to enter covered with bougainvillea. There's a swing and tea table set up too. The lane is lined with tall coconut trees bearing the fruit. both the lawns are lined with coconut trees. As we park her scooty I see a pond with fishes and two small lotus buds poping on one corner. This is not a bank this is a resort.

The bungalow-rented to the bank, was almost the same size as my base branch but as we entered, it seemed more majestic. The office was on the second floor and as we took stairs there was diwali decoration all around. This branch looked more lively than my base branch.

On the second floor, the stairs landed us to a verandah. The right took one to the office and the left opened to the terrace...wooohoooo!! The verandah had couches to sit and as one looked towards the terrace, the open terrace, few chairs strewn around, some people standing and looking around and the coconut trees ...HELLO GOA..!!!

Almost the entire staff was gathering at the terrace for group photos. I also reluctantly joined them. After a few photos people started getting back to work I also moved towards the office. The front office had a seating area and few girls were still posing around. Pooja also joined them and pulled me too.
These girls are really chirpy and though we are meeting for the first time yet it feels that we have known each other since long.

Especially this tiny little girl with long, black, straight hair. She must be barely 5 feet tall, dusky complexion and her hair touched her waist. I don't know why but I am instinctively drawn to her. I can see her looking at me from the corner of her eyes. I ask her for her number so that I can send their pictures and she, Ritu, smiles and shares her number. Her smile was so innocent that I could barely take my eyes off her. My phone rings bringing me back to senses. And reality strikes....The caller id says - Nisha, my fiance, I am about to get married in 3 months.


Every second friday stay tuned for my doze of fiction.


  1. Hey Kadambari, a perfect day out. Your writing style is so genuine and realistic. And yes men are always drawn towards girls no matter what their status is

  2. That sounds like an awesome place to work at. Generally inspired from real life, is it? Would want to read more....