Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Another milestone #Blogbuddy


Life never stops surprising you!!

I started blogging in 2011 but I got to know blogging as it is in 2015 by a chance meeting with blogchatter. Blogchatter hasn't just made me a frequent blogger but enlightened me to actual blogging. I started to blog as I had heard people can even earn money by blogging...hahaha...yes money was my motive...and even today I am no way around it.

If you'll go to the earlier posts on my blog they are a mix of almost everything. I per se don't even want to go there ;)

When I saw blogchatter they were announcing blogbuddy 1.0 and luckily I made the list. Though it'll be a year this December that I joined blogbuddy but there are umpteen things I learned.

I have met several sets of people and each and everyone has their specific specialities and genres. Blogging requires a lot of effort and dedication. It never is and never was only about writing.  It is about writing with reading, sharing and promoting. The more the availability of Internet the more important it is to use the Internet.

Now we are embarking on blogbuddy 3.0

Today I believe I have actually upped my mark and working on effectively to move ahead. The quantum of growth I have made is something which I never thought of. I want to continue the same and dedicate more to blogging than I actually do. My new buddy group is full of people highly experienced in blogging and I am sure helping each other we all are going to move further ahead.

Expecto Patronum

I am a Blogbuddy with Blogchatter :) :)

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