Monday, 9 November 2015

And she was amazed.....

Kids kids and kids....the emotions they carry are no way less than an adult.
There was this small diwali function where even though I was one of the participants all I can remember is this little girl.
As usual the kid was all lost as she got to the auditorium as her parents were busy in preparing for their performances. Her brother made her sit along side and both sat in the front row.
The moment she saw her dad performing.. I bet she couldn't get a word of that MJ piece (just like me 😉), on stage, the 4 year old was in bouts of laughter sitting alone. She was so so joyous and heartwarming for one to see and totally unfathomable for what made her think to laugh so naturally so much.
Kids are so sweet and have such a pure heart they never shy away from their emotions. The moment her dad came back and sat in audience, she got up from her place and went to him with a wide smile on her face and though there were not many words that they shared but their embrace said how they understood what and how much affection they had for each other.😘😘💖💖

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