Sunday, 8 September 2013

The star

Somebody just asked me who is your favorite actor and I was speechless for 2 or so minutes. In fact I still don’t have an answer, am still thinking.

The reason why I am wondering so much is because honestly in today’s time it seems all these “stars” seem so not “stars”. Let me elaborate...A STAR spells grandeur, good looks, a divine body somebody that seems so out of this world not only in looks but demeanor as well, something un-achievable by anybody else. Today when I look around it seems so all perfect or better so all plastic- Botox faces, over-pumped –up bodies and they have become so perfect in looking and behaving in some prescribed manner that THE-OUT–OF-THE-WORLD aura seems somewhere lost.

The dramatic entry that our heroes in movies have is so not there anymore. They are too suave, too dapper, but yet you don’t want to look twice. We know about all their flaws, what they are made up of and more so that they are not any different than us. Where as if I am correct, this was the reason that actors in the golden era never let anybody knew of their ailments. As people like me are still searching for someone who is not like me with ups-n-down life but are living a HAPPILY FOREVER.

Maybe my star is that elusive prince charming that I have never seen but the picture is itched through those fairy tales and romantic novels. TALL, DARK, HANDSOME with warmth not a protein bulked up body with pasted smile.

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