Sunday, 27 May 2012

Deepak Chopra - What Is a Spiritual Solution?

Wow....spirituality is the solution. I never thought I'll ever seek any gurus let alone spiritual guru but Deepak Chopra is enlightening.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Just following fashion is not enough,grooming and styling are needed to give the edge

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

                                                              Mr. Y

My parents wanted me to meet this guy, so be it. Since I didn’t found someone for me so this is the only way to go. Aur iss paapi duniya mein it is not so easy for girls to live alone. So a week before the guys family informed us when they will be coming but I didn’t got to see any picture of his….so what…we have Google darling. Gosh the pic was such a Turn OFF….I am so not marrying him.

There was a lot of drama at home before the “D” day and me being the goody good daughter had to give in to all my family’s demands…saree, pallu etc etc uff!
But actually it was all worth it when I saw him. Why did he seemed so different from his snap that I had seen…. did I acquired temporary blindness or what. Smart…ahan….took my breath away. Just reminds me…NEVER SAY NEVER.

We saw each other and got to talk with the whole family sitting around, so you can imagine what we might have spoken about. Besides he hardly spoke of anything just answered what others asked him. For me being the person I am I couldn’t keep shut for long so threw in a couple of questions on my own. He slightly smiles and answered all. Though I did saw him checking me out…yay!

But I never imagined that it was the first and last time that we met. Did I jinxed it by saying no even before meeting? Na iske pehle kuch, na iske baad. Na koi aur sawaal na mere sawalon k jawaab. A song was playing on the radio---

At times you can draw conclusions out of the incompleteness too.

I like you but you don’t
I stalk you and probably you won’t.
I can’t forget you,
 But you don’t even remember we met.
I cant even cry saying you are my “Ex”,
But will always mean to know “Y” for doing this.

Friday, 4 May 2012

:-( :-( :-( :-(

This feeling of not feeling productive is so not happening. I think it is the second worst thing to happen...first been depressed.I never thought that I will take so much time to get back to work. Why it has to happen that if one thing is not working out no matter how much effort you put nothing else will work out either. Sitting idle sucks !big time!
But yes this prolonged break has made me realise how much "I want to work". And this time it'll be forever till the day I can.
God what a test of patience for someone born impatient.