Monday, 19 March 2012

Hey people..

WOW!!! Had an awesome weekend with family and close relatives.... lots of gossip, lots of leg pulling and loads of fun.
A perfect Saturday night dinner with family is enjoying good times just sitting around and playing those silly old games with kids and going back to ones own childhood days.Kids do bring out the child in everyone no matter how old you get.
Sunday was full on perfect with movies, the couch and me...chill!!!
I always consider myself quite an observant and I know that I am a hundred percent right about my readings of people and their behaviours. Their probable reactions to various actions.But then when it is of utmost importance that you need to get inside someone's head and know what they are thinking and bang!! You hardly decipher it.... Is it that they are pretty good at putting a shield or am I out of the game??? Either ways that’s so not happening buddy.

Mission March is on the go...Pedometer is soooooooooo cool. If you can’t get the device do download the free app on your phone, it helps you count the steps while walking or jogging..... I have just added
10000 steps to my agenda and I am so loving it! You can even get an advanced version which tells you the calories burnt too...worth a try.

OMG! Just read singer & composer Shiraz Uppal has decided to go no music...No man...please...:(
I love his voice and his song "Roya Re" is one of my favs. I simply love the way the song renders the painful emotions with a fast beat. It makes an instant connection and somehow extends the serenity of moon abound. Every time I listen to this makes me fall in love with the moon.......<3

Here goes the song......

Fashion is seeing an all time high looking at the number of mentions it receives a day.... so how can a girl blog miss it!The shararas are back via bollywood (courtesy =Agent Vinod) but just a tinny-tiny tip....sharara pants, culottes...though great for summer months but not so great on you if you are a short. Choose fashion wisely!

Enjoy till next time...will be back with some short stories...couplets...poems or goss...

Sunday, 4 March 2012

                                                                 I love Bags!!!