Tuesday, 28 February 2012

                                                         Mission March!!!
Perky shoulders, slender waist, perfect legs....a dream I see every single living moment of my life...when will
I be svelte forever...
It is said walking is the best exercise and so i do but darling I am walking since past two months and have
added on 4 kilos. Everyday I decide to take a jog or a short run but I don't have the stamina to even manage
a 10 minute stint.
This so reminds me of my school days, when my PT trainer used to make me take 3-5 round of the ground.
The innocence and stupidity of trying to act cool I used to hardly run a bit and walk around while he was
looking away. Oh man! 10 years from when I was "17" now I know what do you mean by cardio and what
it used to do for me. The whole world is going GA.. GA.. for cardio and me...
Then there was a time when I used to think I was fat but was pretty lean just a couple of inches more over
here and there. And now I am FAT...... I hate my sleeveless dress for showing off my bulky arms. The
bulging belly that makes it harder to zip up the pants no matter how much I suck it in. The butt....oops it's
too much to endure.
So by March 31 2012 I need to let it go babe....do away with the weight along with the inches and here is
to say Mission March begins.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I just don't get it....It has been four months and still my decision is stalking me. Did I do something wrong...
I quit...I left my job of three years without any job at hand because I did not see any direction it was
taking me to. I was hardly able to visualise any growth, any prospectss of promotion and above all it was
not letting me be ME.
Besides before taking the plunge I had asked almost everyone whether I should take the leap..but all I
heard was go ahead...that's the only way. Now dude when you never said a nooooo when I asked you
now suddenly hw does it matter to you and so much so that you want me to have a job even if it takes to
going back to the same firm. Why do you have to make me feel that I can't sit and relax for once take a
break from all.
Even I want to work..I mean its for facts that everyone likes money. Noone would like to sit on and feel
unproductive and have ten others adding misery to it. But I don't want people to sit on my head making
my life hell when I know that I can enjoy it the way it is. I may not be a real princess but atleast for myself
I am. I don't want to be a bhade ka majdoor from morning to night with almost no time to be with me. I
want some leisure...some luxury...want to hang out with my friends. Whats wrong in asking for an easy
spaced out life.
I want to live what i lovebecause as someone said....this is the only life you have stop existing start living.
I make my own decisions, they may be wrong but at the end I am ready to take the blame. I know the
meaning of 4 months sabattical but phleeeezzz people I don't intend to bother you with my problems, I am
okay dealing with them and I know I will be out of it. Everything is destined and it is just meant to be so
until then is if you can't help...zip it!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


One of my favourite songs revisited by the Godrej's new ad campaign and boy I am so loving it. A sure treat for all retro fans.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

It's been......years (I won't say how many) now ,still every year it's as exciting as bfr..I wish I grow up n people take me as an adult..but m a child at heart (n overall) n after so many years I know it's the best way to be....A big thanks to all of u for making it more special.hopefully we'll hv many more 2nd Feb to celebrate..cheers!!!