Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Sipping with the stars

Starbucks is a feeling
It is an ecstasy of pleasure,
So Divine that it cannot be measured.
It Gives me a feel a sense of dedication
Drawing the scent of beans and brews,
This is love, a cafe full of mysteries.

I gather here with friends sometimes,
sometimes alone just to tell you
How happy you make me
My love for ‘Coffee’ - it is my final way;
Sharing all my desires of affection,
Showering me of your love and dedication in a cup

Fabulously you are on every corner I go,
Whenever I see you, I have to go to you,
The cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas don’t make me not a loner.

With the frightful weather,
I know I can trust you to warm me up with your hot blanket

Some tell me coffee is bad for me,
I differ, it just makes me feel better.
Many think Starbucks is for the snotty and stuffy
I scream it is a lie! It goes in all weather!

Oh, my love, you are not just a coffee shop, but an art very mine,

I'll take you over wine because you are so fine.

This is a guest post by Novemberschild.

About the Guest Writer – 
Novemberschild, 35, a veteran blogger has been around the blogging sphere since 2004. She is a voracious reader, e-books author, devoted coffee-drinker, avid thinker and a fashion lover who has a huge collection of bags. Music is her passion and you can find her writing most of the time. She is extremely friendly, helpful and a happy person. She accepts bouquets and brickbats on her writings. She can be connected on Twitter @romspeaks.

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