Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The seventh

She asked me to pick my favourite number,
but none came to mind.
All I could think of was "Seven",
for today she celebrated her "Seventh"-
wedding anniversary with my best friend.


When it is true love but unsolicited, the heart bleeds more and too often for years.

The post is part of my seven day challenge, BAR-A-THON. For the challenge I will be writing every alternate day from Jun 17 to Jun 30 and my theme is "SEVEN".

Monday, 19 June 2017

Seven Days....

For the aching heart,
and the sullen eyes.
For the soulful music,
and the pensive lyrics.
For the cold stares,
and the warm breaths.
For it had been seven days,
and they didn't say a word.


People madly in love but too egoistic to confess.

The post is part of my seven day challenge, BAR-A-THON. For the challenge I will be writing every alternate day from Jun 17 to Jun 30 and my theme is "SEVEN"

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Seven ways........

The way he smiles when he sees me, just as he did the first time we met.
The way he removes a strand of hair, just to have a better look at my face.
The way he looks for me, the moment he gets home.
The way he looks at me, across the dinner table.
The way he cuddles upto me, in the middle of night.
The way he brings me morning coffee, with a twinkle in his eyes.
The way he holds my hand, for everytime we say goodbye.

Seven ways.....he makes me feel beautiful and loved so more.


The post is part of my seven day challenge, BAR-A-THON. For the challenge I will be writing every alternate day from Jun 17 to Jun 30 and my theme is "SEVEN".

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Just as it happened #BlogchatterEbook

"I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Humaira Sadaf whose Ebook Travellore India is also a part of the mix.

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Once upon a time there was a little girl. She went to a good school, had affluent friends, got all that she wanted and at the same time was made to see how people struggle for things that she easily gets. But amidst what she lacked was a goal.

When asked by teachers what she wants to be when all grown up, she used to say Doctor because of what her best friend wanted to be. Years passed, the answer kept on changing from doctor to psychiatrist, from actor to director, from singer to dancer but nothing made her heart jump.

She started reading, again, because it was a cool thing to do. Reading turned to writing as people used it to tell the tale of their hearts. And in writing she found the solace she yearned for.


So that is how I started to write, writing in notebooks, journals, diary and finally my blog :)
Blogging was started with an intention to earn money *hehe* but now it is a vent for my heart.

I am a lazy blogger, but even with that I managed to participate in not one but TWO daily blogging challenges and have successfully completed both. And with the help of an awesome blogging community -BLOGCHATTER, I have two ebooks to my kitty now.

This year I ventured out for a fiction and in 26 posts, moving in alphabetical order I tried to pen a story of two hearts. My ebook is titled - Just as it happened

Just as it happened,  is a contemporary story of Meer and Meera and their lives. It is a real yet fictional, predictable yet unpredictable, seen yet unseen,  heard yet never heard of, story of two hearts. It specifically revolves around their love and their transformation.

It is love that transforms you from what you were to a better you that you always wanted to be. Love sets one free.

My second ebook - Just as it happened is available for free download on Blogchatter ebook carnival for two months. Do read, sned me your feedback and share among your friends.

You can download it here :- Just as it Happened


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Read it as a practical guide to achieve Freedom

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Book Review: Once upon a Genie - Durriya Kapasi

Title : Once upon a Genie

Author : Durriya Kapasi

Publisher : Half Baked Beans

“The bottle though was very heavy; I assumed it was so because it must be made from expensive material. With excitement, I opened it's lid to welcome the unforeseen into my life.”

Plot Summary
“Once upon a Genie” is Durriya Kapasi ‘s baby and it sets you to the world of unknown. The story revolves around Daisy, a lone girl who used to live with her grandmother after been abandoned by her parents. She loses her grandmother as well but her grandmother gifts her a Genie. And the story unfolds of how Daisy's life moves with the Genie- Khalil Bin Muwahid. Khalil Bin Muwahid not being the ordinary Genie but going to be the successor of the Genie throne left by his father. While asking her wishes they fall in love and as per Genie world, if she doesn't ask her 3rd wish they can live together forever. But twist in tale is Daisy's best friend Darren, who falls sick and Daisy is confused whether to use her last wish or not.

My View
Ever since I saw Aladdin I wished to have a Genie of my own but as I grew up it was long lost and forgotten. So finding a book called “Once upon a Genie “ did revive those memories.
The story line is slightly predictable. A girl being gifted a Genie and they both fall in love.

But the best part is It let's one live the childhood dream of having a Genie. The wishes that Daisy asks for are fantasy inducing yet contemporary. The detailing that the author shows about characters and places actually makes one live through it.

There are points that keep you guessing what will happen next. There are moments of love, that makes one pink, then there moments of longing that makes one cry, then there moments of fantasy that makes one forget the reality and dream.

I will rate it 3/5 for depicting so many emotions and sewing them together. It is a short and sweet story which will keep you glued till you finish it.

Grab Your Copy :- Once Upon A Genie

P.S. The book was provided by the author for an honest review.

Sunday, 30 April 2017


I never thought life will change so much in just seven months. I was bored with my sedentary life in Pune which was disheveled by my Boss kicking me out by giving a three month notice.

I was frustrated and didn't know how to get through this phase and not only I did, I joined a better place in Bangalore and in 3 months of my joining I am being promoted already. Life has never been so good.

After being ditched by the love of my life I thought I will never be happy. But life taught me how to be happy. If the world is mean I can be meaner and tame it to my advantage. I met Meera and she gave me the elixir to live happily. She was warm and sweet like a child. I really loved her initially but it couldn't last and so I wanted to leave it at a beautiful corner and so we slowly stopped talking.

I have found my zenith, my corner cabin, my personal space and the secret to live happily together yet alone. Life is going to be better and better.


Meera found her zenith in her husband. She never thought she will find the right answers to all questions that bothered her from a man. He was caring, sensitive, protective and gave Meera a clear vision of what she actually seeked.

It had been six months that she met Meer first. The highs and lows that she faced during these six months, she alone was a witness to them. But her husband took her to a new high, the zenith, her values, her aspirations and her deep down dreams were realized by him now. He stood by her as a pillar of strength and a push for whenever she stopped. He was a self made man and supported her to be self made and keep her individual identity even after marriage. And he asked her to keep dreaming more and keep realizing them.

Her zenith was to know herself and two man helped her attain that - Meer, made her aware of things she didn't know, her husband, gave her what she yearned.

Saturday, 29 April 2017


Every heart desires
Every heart has a special yearning.
Two individuals, whether together or alone,
yearn the most for what one's heart wants.

Meer had met Meera as he was yearning to find an anchor in his life. He wanted someone who could hold him through his difficult time. As time passed Meer realized he was his own anchor and what he yearned for most was external, materialistic pleasures. He wanted name, fame, money, glory, people talking about him, girls swooning over him and this was only going to satisfy him.

Meer was more confident about himself now. He had a face for the world to show and he knew what exactly he wanted as well.

Meer knew how to make the world work and he knew what he yearned for.


Meera had met Meer and amidst a conversation she noticed him. He drew her to himself and it was then she realized she had more to yearn for in life yet. She had always dreamt about work and aspired to bring more glory.

After meeting Meer she yearned for love in her life and she was getting the same in leaps and bounds even after he left. As time passed she realized apart from love she even yearned for intellectual conversations, someone to care for her, someone around whom she felt protective, someone who listened to her heart and this yearning brought her closer to herself.

Meera knew what the world expects of her and she knew what she yearned for.