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Book review : A dash of romance by Paullett Golden

Do you know what is a FLASH FICTION? A dash of romance written by Paullett Golden  is (of course) a romantic novel. The story is set in 1795 - Devonshire. It revolves around Ms. Abigail Walsley - a young aspiring novelist and Mr. Percival Randall - a fun-loving Londoner.. And how a fib becomes a fact.  The author has described all the chapters in detail and it takes one directly to the 18th century life and lifestyle. The simple language and all the little details set in 18th century makes it easy for one to relate. Though once you start reading it, the end is totally predictable but the storytelling is not. Though the book is called 'A dash of romance' - but there's a lot of romance from admiring each other silently to taking long routes just to spend more time together to realizing one's life purpose through the other to finally becoming a better person and the teasing camaraderie. It is a well-written and well-said story. Now, coming to the QOTD...the author has made

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