Friday, 18 November 2016

The lanes #fridayfotofiction

I want to write like Ruskin Bond and Woody Allen. I love to read fiction and now I want to write too. Every week the blog will feature at least one fiction.

The Lanes                

He - “Hey beautiful would you drive? I want to take in this beautiful scene, these forests, the clean air, clear skies, non traffic road we will be missing this in the city."

I - “Sure and going by your words, let's switch seats fast or you'll never want us to go back."

He - (getting out of car) "Why you like the city streets more than these non chaotic roads?"

I just smiled and got to the driving seat. But this beautiful way reminded me of those city bylanes and my crazy sexacapades...yes, I liked the city streets more.


I am participating in #fridayfotofiction hosted by Tina and Mayuri. Fiction in just 100 words it is.

Tina Basu

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