Sunday, 14 April 2013

Innocence that shines through the eyes

And how beautiful it is when you have that innocence in your eyes and a smile so wide on your lips...

A few days back met a few clients..a whole family indeed. The deal was already sold on the table and it was clearly written on  faces  of mommy and the cute little daughter but daddy trying to act the decision-maker and acting stern said “ will think and tell you in a day or so”

Even with the call next morning Mr. Decision maker kept me thinking with his “ abhi kuch socha nahi hai”... But what was the best was the moment when I saw them entering the office in the evening and our cute little girl was smiling ear to ear J

More than the closure the smile on her face made me happy. It was as if the child wanted a toy badly and when she finally got it, could barely contain her happiness. Wow!! What beauty innocence entails...days a child is child till they are in school and all innocence gets lost when they see the ruthless world through college.

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  1. true kids r v innocent and such tiny things r so important in dere own little worls .. sometimes i wonder .. i wish i cud learn somthing from my baby doll .. who find her hapiness in smal little gestures...