Thursday, 8 November 2012

How to.....

Just read in an online magazine- how to react/behave with in-laws on meeting after divorce. It reminded me of another similar situation I had been to.I had met this guy, with his family,for our marriage. You know that dekhna and all.
I still remember his mom said while leaving "chalo milte hain.." Tough it was nice to interact with them all but somehow things didn't work out.
We haven't met after that but this title made me think what will be our reactions if and ever we meet?
Should there be some code or rules to be followed by me. And then why just me but it should be both the parties, ain't it? Will that be weird?I don't know.
But I know of people meeting again and moreover cordially meeting. Things happen, Everywhere life presents you with choices, it's what you choose.Life goes on! But then why at some point you need to revisit how you need to behave with certain people. Does it changes you as person?? Was it altogether so bitter?? I don't know this either but relationships may end but should never leave you bitter. There shouldn't be a moment to think "how to behave.." just behave yourself. Be cordial.

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