Thursday, 9 February 2012

I just don't get it....It has been four months and still my decision is stalking me. Did I do something wrong...
I quit...I left my job of three years without any job at hand because I did not see any direction it was
taking me to. I was hardly able to visualise any growth, any prospectss of promotion and above all it was
not letting me be ME.
Besides before taking the plunge I had asked almost everyone whether I should take the leap..but all I
heard was go ahead...that's the only way. Now dude when you never said a nooooo when I asked you
now suddenly hw does it matter to you and so much so that you want me to have a job even if it takes to
going back to the same firm. Why do you have to make me feel that I can't sit and relax for once take a
break from all.
Even I want to work..I mean its for facts that everyone likes money. Noone would like to sit on and feel
unproductive and have ten others adding misery to it. But I don't want people to sit on my head making
my life hell when I know that I can enjoy it the way it is. I may not be a real princess but atleast for myself
I am. I don't want to be a bhade ka majdoor from morning to night with almost no time to be with me. I
want some leisure...some luxury...want to hang out with my friends. Whats wrong in asking for an easy
spaced out life.
I want to live what i lovebecause as someone said....this is the only life you have stop existing start living.
I make my own decisions, they may be wrong but at the end I am ready to take the blame. I know the
meaning of 4 months sabattical but phleeeezzz people I don't intend to bother you with my problems, I am
okay dealing with them and I know I will be out of it. Everything is destined and it is just meant to be so
until then is if you can't it!


  1. Well done for doing what your heart directed you to. Wishing you luck :)

  2. Great cz u did what your heart directed you to .Wishing you luck :)