Friday, 7 September 2018

Life of Kia - Page 1

Sitting beside the window looking at the raindrops moving with the wind, changing the course as per wind, Kia wondered, was she also moving along as life wanted her to??

She was 26 and due to sales pressure at job she decided to quit. She could not see where her life was heading.

Her parents wanted her to continue her job and give things time but being a rebel she didn't listen.
Infact she didn't discuss anything with anyone. 

It had been almost 3 years with the bank and it seemed her life was going nowhere and the office politics was getting on her nerves too. She didn't know how to use people to attain her goals. She was still a child as opposed to others.

She always wanted to work and gain fame. It was her dream since she was 16. Infact for her parents it was just a job but for her it was everything. But she never expected things to be so tough and people so rude.

So Kia decided to quit. She was so fed up that she made up her mind that she will get married soon and be a housewife and maybe go for a mediocre job which may give her a decent pocket money so she need not ask for money from her husband.

She had altogether shunned the idea of a career, her dream to be a career woman forever.

It had been four months that she left her job. Apart from shopping and travelling she was doing nothing and she was getting bored.

Her parents told her that they want her to meet someone and consider for marriage. Kia was happy. Finally life will change and she can think for future. She didn't like the picture of the boy and so was meeting him half-heartedly. Before the meeting she even went on to say to her parents that she is going to outright reject the boy.

The boys family came at KIA's house and this being KIA's first experience she was nervous. But she was happy as they never made her feel uncomfortable. They were a warm bunch.

When KIA saw the boy she was shocked. He looked nothing like the picture. He was smart and sweet. Instantly KIA had a change of heart.

She liked conversing with the boy as well as his family. She never had any dreams of what kind of boy she wants to marry and so the congeniality took her heart.

When her mother asked her what did she think, she readily said yes to marry him.

Three days later KIA got to know, the boy had rejected her.

LIFE OF KIA is a fictional series part of #FictionFridays.

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